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Recovering from the Butte Fire


CalFauna is willing to work with various groups and agencies to restore important ravaged habitats within the 70,000 acre Butte Fire.  This endeavor will be a long multi-year process. Getting a start on such a large scale event may seem daunting, but necessary nevertheless.  Our focus on the Butte Fire will be to restore watersheds and rangelands to conditions that are as good or better than before the fire.  It will take an emormous amount of time, effort, and passion to reach these lofty goals.  


We are open to discussing any opportunites for restoration with people that have unique or innovative ideas to offer.   


CalFauna is located in San Andreas, CA which has been directly impacted by this fire.  Gordon and Dana both evacuated their homes during the fire and know many people that lost homes and ranches in this devastating fire.

Calfauna is committed to being a community partner in restoring natural habitats devastated by the Butte Fire

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