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Habitat is the core of what we are all about.  Currently we are in our third year of the Dry Meadow Prescribed Burn Grant funded through the CA BGMA.  Habitat topics - we are actively seeking projects including Forest Health and Resiliency, meadow restoration, aspen regeneration, and habitat needs of important CA wildlife species.

Dry Meadow Prescribed Burn

CalFauna has partnered with the US Forest Service (USFS) on the Dry Meadow Prescribed Burn grant proposal. 2015/16 was our intial year of an expected three year grant program. In early June 2016, CalFauna was informed by the CDFW that our second year's work was approved. There The Dry Meadow Prescribed Burn is part of an attempt by the USFS to improve wildlife habitat for numerous native species, and to reduce fuel loads in the Forest to alleviate the potential of large-scale wildfires. It is well documented that  many non-climax species respond favorably when there is a mosaic of habitat types juxtaposed over a landscape. A prescribed burn can develop this heightened “edge effect” for at a very reasonable per acre cost. 


Start Date: October/November 2015

Expected Completion:  Spring 2019


White Fire Restoration - Phase 1

CalFauna has partnered with the US Forest Service (USFS) on the White Fire Restoration Project grant proposal. Like the Dry Meadow, this will be a three year grant program.   In 2001, the White Fire burned approximate 200 acres of USFS land.  The affected area was salvaged logged and reforested.  This project was not renewed for the 2016/17 cycle, but the USFS is has shown an interest to accomplish this project nevertheless. This project holds so much promise showing how tree plantations in the Forests aren't always  the best approach to restoration work after a widlfire.


Start Date: October/November 2015

Completed:  July 2016

Removal of Noxious Weed French Broom from Calaveras County

We aquired this grant through the California Deer Association's annual grant process.  California is home to many noxious weed species and there appears to be new unwanted weed infestations identified each year.   Some of these troublesome weeds are so wide spread across the Golden State that realistic control is unattainable. According to CalFlora, French Broom has been identified in a select few sites in Calaveras County.  French Broom is a species that was introduced into the State as an ornamental.  As it has been released into the natural environment it adversly affects prime deer habitat. We are working on private lands and East Bay MUD lands for this project.  


Start Date: November 2015

Completed:  Summer 2016

Our Habitat Grant Proposals 

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